Azimut Benetti has been officially recognized as the foremost yacht manufacturer globally.

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Dec. 19, 2023, 11:38 p.m.

Azimut Benetti has been officially recognized as the foremost yacht manufacturer globally._image

The Azimut|Benetti Group has affirmed its status as the foremost yacht manufacturer for vessels exceeding 24 meters, solidifying its leading position in the Global Order Book published by Boat International magazine. This annual publication compiles and analyzes data from 177 shipyards worldwide. In the 2024 edition, the Group secures the top rank for both the number of units under construction and the cumulative length of projects, boasting 167 yachts totaling 6014 meters. This represents 14% of the global market scrutinized by Boat International.

These impressive statistics align with the Group's stellar performance in the financial year ending on August 31st, 2023. The production value witnessed a remarkable growth of over 23% compared to the previous year, while Ebitda surged by 50%. The Group's resilience is underscored by its consistent growth in production value, nearly doubling over the last five years—from 700 million to 1.3 billion euros—and a robust order portfolio extending until 2027. This success reflects the market's preference for the Group's stylistic and technological solutions, coupled with its emphasis on fuel efficiency and environmental impact.

Supported by robust capital and financial stability, the company is poised to invest 150 million euros over the next three years. This commitment underscores the Group's dedication to research and development, with a specific focus on environmental impact reduction. The company proudly announces industry-leading results in lowering CO2 emissions, marked by a pioneering agreement for the use of HVO biofuel—a first in the boating sector. Buoyed by these achievements, the Group actively champions the development of a public index, in collaboration with Lloyd’s Register and the Superyacht Eco Association, aimed at measuring yacht efficiency.

The Shipyard's exceptional and enduring leadership position can be attributed to the Azimut|Benetti Group's unique status as a private family company. Led by the Vitelli family, alongside quality minority shareholders PIF and TIP, who play a vital stimulus and control role, the ownership has consistently pursued a coherent, resilient, and sustainable business model since its foundation. This model revolves around a long-term strategy focused on customer experience, continual product innovation, and a commitment to people. With the recent generational change, where President Giovanna Vitelli assumes leadership, the Group is on a path of evolution to further develop its managerial culture and governance, all while preserving the entrepreneurial DNA that continues to drive the Company's success. This includes rapid decision-making, a measured approach to growth and investments, and a genuine concern for the well-being of its workforce.

These principles are encapsulated in a strategic plan grounded on three pillars: the evolution of the product in terms of design and sustainability, the expansion of services through the Lusben and Yachtique brands, and a dedicated focus on nurturing talent.

The core essence of our product revolves around beauty, innovation, and sustainability.


The Azimut|Benetti Group's top-ranking in the Global Order Book is predominantly attributed to the success of Azimut and Benetti models—cutting-edge concepts that consistently anticipate owners' desires and industry trends. Guided by the principles of creating new onboard lifestyles and reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption, the Group's product philosophy aligns with the values of both Azimut and Benetti brands.

Azimut, in particular, embraces innovative approaches to architecture, positioning itself as a design hub that enriches the yachting world with creativity from diverse contributors across various sectors. Notably, the recent collaboration with Matteo Thun introduces a conscious design concept that respects the interconnected relationship between people, yacht, and the environment.

Moreover, Azimut stands out as a pioneer in developing solutions to reduce emissions, incorporating high-efficiency hulls, extensive use of carbon, and innovative propulsion systems. Currently, over half of Azimut's fleet consists of Low Emission Yachts, ensuring a significant reduction in emissions, up to 30%. Looking ahead, in the spring of 2024, the Shipyard is set to unveil its first hybrid Series, featuring the most efficient yacht ever built: Seadeck.

Benetti is redefining the notion of iconic yacht models through strategic collaborations with globally acclaimed architects, including Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture, recognized for their recent Pace Gallery project in New York. These partnerships aim to reimagine classic design language by infusing sophisticated influences from architecture, fashion design, and art. One of Benetti's groundbreaking stylistic innovations is the Oasis Deck®, a revolutionary concept transforming the aft deck into a sea oasis—a unique experience in intimate contact with nature.

Currently, Benetti offers nearly its entire range with hybrid systems, with the Benetti B.Yond model standing out as the greenest in its category. It achieves a significant reduction in both CO2 emissions (up to 24%) and NOx emissions (up to 85%). The next objective is to further optimize consumption and emissions generated by onboard systems, a crucial consideration for larger boats spending approximately 90% of their time at anchor. Benetti is addressing this challenge through innovative solutions like the "Zero-Emission Hotel Mode," utilizing fuel cells and advanced power management systems. These measures include the potential to slash air conditioning energy consumption by up to 50%.

Azimut and Benetti's achievements underscore a steadfast commitment to implementing green solutions on a broad scale, extending beyond one-off prototype models. The Group combines forward-looking research with the implementation of the most effective solutions available today, aiming for a substantial impact in the short, medium, and long terms.

The Group's activities are guided by a determination to lead the sector towards a more conscious and scientific approach to environmental sustainability while advocating for greater transparency in communication. In collaboration with Lloyd’s Register, a leading maritime classification body, Azimut conducted a consumption and emissions certification plan in the summer of 2023. This initiative resulted in the definition of an objective and comparable Carbon Emission Index, utilized by the Superyacht Eco Association to extend the SEA Index to yachts under 24m—a pivotal category that involves the largest number of owners, sparking an unprecedented movement.

In 2023, the Group signed a groundbreaking agreement with Eni Live to replace all fossil fuels used in sea trials, tests, and prototype transfers with HVO biodiesel. This biofuel, made from renewable raw materials, enables a remarkable reduction in CO2 emissions, up to 90% compared to the reference fossil mix. The Group's commitment to environmental responsibility is further evidenced by its offices working towards reducing environmental impact from all sources. Production sites aim to cover approximately 50% of their energy requirements with renewable sources by 2026, and initiatives have been launched to recover fiberglass, wood, and other residual materials in support of a circular economy.

Services - Lusben and Yachtique

The strategic plan of the Azimut|Benetti Group includes the expansion of its service hub to support owners throughout their yachting experience. Investing 15 million euros to expand the Lusben shipyard in Livorno, the Group solidifies its position as one of the three main players in the Mediterranean for superyachts. Similarly, Yachtique, the internal styling lounge, will expand its facilities in Tuscany over the next three years.

Notably, the Group's services division introduces a nautical "Airbnb" proposal, allowing Azimut owners to charter their yachts worldwide on a digital platform developed by Azimut. Local dealers will manage boat operations, including check-in and check-out.

A School of Talents

The Group's leadership role in the sector is closely tied to its commitment to supporting its 2,400 direct employees, witnessing a growth of +24% in the last 3 years. The Azimut|Benetti Group Corporate Academy, the first in the nautical sector to adopt a transversal and integrated training model, includes the Shipyard Academy providing 144,000 hours of training per year, the Executive Academy, and Edu & Career Guidance projects in collaboration with educational institutions. The internal nautical module, involving employees in a cruising experience on the Group's yachts, brings the Group's mission to life—building the most beautiful, reliable, technological, and innovative yachts and providing assistance always and everywhere.

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